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Welcome on my website with the personal freeware tools I developed in my spare time. At the moment there is just one program available for download, CopyPlaylist.

Check it out! Tim Schuhmacher



A lot of people have a portable audio player, which can't store the entire music colletion they have at home. Every time you leave from home you have to manually select and copy the files to your player. Usually the files are scattered all over your hard drive. With CopyPlaylist this problem doesn't exist anymore. Load a playlist in CopyPlaylist, select the files you wish to copy, and copy them to your player, regardless of their location on your computer. If you are in for a surprise, you can also let the program randomly select the media files according to the available capacity of your portable device!




The program should work on every modern pc capable of running Micrsoft Windows XP.
Although I use the program myself and never experienced any problems, no guarantees can be given.


On the next page you'll find the instructions to use CopyPlaylist.

Change log:

Date Version Description
07-10-2006v2.50Bug when reading read-only files removed. Copy progress is shown in taskbar. Window with file information added. Drag-and-drop support for single files. Improved log presentation.
04-07-2006v2.40Bug in saving a playlist removed. Added the option to expand CopyPlaylist its media support by adding own filtering.
30-06-2006v2.30Added full support for .wpl files. Export to Winamp Playlist .m3u.
29-06-2006v2.20Added experimental support for .wpl files. Bug in showing copy window fixed. Added option to recursivly scan directories for media files. Unattended mode introduced. Possibility to load multiple playlists and directories. Improved visualization of media files. Possible memory leak removed.
25-06-2006v2.10Added support for .pls files. Program name changed.
23-06-2006 Created this website.
16-06-2006v2.00Complete rewritten data structure, similar functionality, drag-and-drop added.
10-06-2006v1.00Initial version (never released).


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